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2011, installation with sticker, downloadable file, photographs

Installation views: Manzara-Apartments, Istanbul

Two corresponding stickers are adhered on a common wall of two adjacent sixth-storey walk-up flats.

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Apartment at Tatar Beyi 24/13

Apartment at Tatar Beyi 26/7


House with a kapicik. Address:
Boyacikoy Yokusu Seyyah Sokak No: 16 Emirgan Istanbul
The function of the kapicik (left) has been terminated by building a wall behind it.
Photograph: Cenk Arman

House with a sticker. Address:
Tepegöz Sokak No: 41 D: 24 Göztepe Istanbul
A sticker pasted on a wall common with the neighbors.

Sticker at Tatar Beyi 26/7

Sticker at Tatar Beyi 24/13

The wall text

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